Hunting Boots – A Must Have

Having the necessary equipment for a hunting expedition is a must and can be a significant cause for avoiding hunting mishaps. Hunting boots are sometimes that one item that is forgotten about, but in fact can put any hunters mind at ease by knowing that their feet are well protected from the wet and any […]

Having the necessary equipment for a hunting expedition is a must and can be a significant cause for avoiding hunting mishaps. Hunting boots are sometimes that one item that is forgotten about, but in fact can put any hunters mind at ease by knowing that their feet are well protected from the wet and any nasty little surprises that just might get in the way.

There are specific footwear that is very appropriate for hunting and the secret is identifying the right footwear for the right type of terrain or prey that a hunter has their sights on. And as well…the Hunters Feet of course. It isn’t difficult to workout what you need but it might be a bit daunting if you’re a novice at hunting and relatively new at the sport.

Below are my recommendations of hunting boots that are well-known in the hunting communities around the world and all of these are top quality and respected brands worn by many hunters. Quality means that they will last many hunting seasons and bring great value for money. Browse each brand and I am sure that what ever you chose will not disappoint you.

Below the selections are a few reasons to consider when looking for the right hunting foot ware for you.

Lacrosse Hunting Boots

Muck Hunting Boots

Irish Setter Hunting Boots

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TIDEWE Hunting Boots

Why Rubber Hunting Boots Are Preffered By Hunters?

Having an advantage over a prey is what all hunters strive for and one way of hiding or being in stealth is with knee-high rubber hunting boots. Hiding a scent from the unsuspecting quarry is important to say non the least. Typically, if you’re going after big game this is paramount, for example, buck hunting can be quite tricky as you could be dealing with an experienced animal that uses its keen sense hearing and smell to be ready for that quick get away.

A nice clean pair of rubber hunting boots can not only hide a hunters scent, but can also contribute to keeping noise down for a hunter as the rubber material is bendable or pliable to the surrounding terrain.

If you want to be a successful hunter, you should give yourself the best advantage possible for all types of hunting grounds. Make it so you can move from one place to the other with ease. That means going from marshes to wetlands whether you are duck hunting or deer hunting. Having the proper hunting foot ware can make the hunt easier and as we know, even deer can make an escape into the marshlands.

As a hunter, you just want to put those odds in a favor.

Choosing The Right Hunting Boots

When deciding on what the right hunting boots you should buy there are certain factors to look out for. It’s no different to buying any other items and there are always particular elements that shouldn’t be ignored. Here are my pointers to take into consideration.

Boot Comfort…

A hunting boot should fit comfortably and snugly around a foot and ankle. Not to tight and not to loose, as if the foot ware is loose, it can be noisy and also cause chaffing or blisters. You don’t want that when you’re out and about. Insulation is one property that contributes to the comfort of the boot and there are other important features such as the quality of the rubber material, leather covering and strong laces.

Boot Insulation…

Insulation is a factor and depending on the brand and type of hunting boots, each of them can vary significantly. Weather and climate will determine what boots a hunter should be wearing for the expedition and sometimes experienced hunters bring a different pair with them as the conditions might change when they arrive at the hunting destination. As an example, if hunting in the cold season, then rubber hunting boots will provide a sufficient amount of insulation and for a warmer climate, something that won’t make feet sweat can stop an uncomfortable feeling.

Boot Durability…

Not all hunting boots are created equal. Price can be an indication of quality and poor quality will not last through several good hunting seasons. Try to choose the right quality foot ware to be as useful as possible but we all understand that each and every one of us has our budget that we need to work with.

The selections of brands that I advise on, are all of top quality and you can expect that you will get many a hunting season out of them. So the monies spent wisely first time round will hold a hunting expeditions in good stead. Hunting should also be fun and, as mentioned above, giving yourself that advantage should give you a good and fun hunting session.

Boot Height…

Hunting boots come in many heights with rubber boots mainly being knee-high. Different sizes and heights suit different people with everyone having their preference but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. Tall hunting boots or the shorter boots need the same scrutiny and they need to perform what you…the hunter wants them for. Its all a matter of preference and needs. Í do note though, that tall hunting boots are better and can keep feet dry when hunting in marshes and the wetlands.

The Hunting Terrain…

Terrain knowledge matters a lot and understanding where you are going to hunt will give you that informed decision on what boots you should wear and, in fact for all other gear that you need to bring as well. In most of the cases for low-lying lands and marshes, rubber hunting boots with height are best, However, if you are hunting in the mountains or rocky terrain with a possibility of rain, then the obvious choice would be to bring along shorter waterproof hunting boots as opposed to the tall rubber hunting boots.

Imagine trying to run with tall rubber hunting boots on a deer hunt or other big game, you may end up with painful soles and blisters. Think smart before going and take along the correct hunting boots.

Guarding Against Snakes…

Again this choice requires the understanding of where the hunt is. Areas that may contain snakes mean proper snake bite protection is a must and boots with sufficient layering will prevent perforation by snake bites. And as they say, it is better to be safe than sorry and take the necessary safety measures to avoid costly injuries.


To make a hunting experience and expedition enjoyable you can see that having the right hunting boots is an important factor. With the right boot choices you won’t have to worry about mud, wet grounds, rocky terrain or thick dense forrest wherever you go.

Boots that are water resistant are best and understanding where you will be hunting can help you make the right choice of hunting boot to bring. Having a few different types will just make a decision easier and give you peace of mind with safety, stealth, warmth and comfort taken care of by buying the right and correct hunting foot ware.

My recommendations are all well-known hunting boot brands and have been worn and used by hunters for many years all over the world. Get a pair or two and add them to a hunting gear.

Browse the selections at your leisure.

Good luck with your hunting. Regards John

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