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Dove Hunting Tips For A Sure Catch

Dove hunting season can be an exciting time of year. It stars in the fall of hunting season and can be a lot of fun as well as tuning your skills, brushing the cob webs off yourself and preparing for the winter bird hunting season. When heading off to the dove hunting field here are […]

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Vortex Optics Diamondback Scopes

Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical First Focal Plane Rifle Scopes is a well manufactured precision piece of gear that will make your hunting easier. Checking out this scope it is of a sturdy build with its turrets well mounted and when twisted right they stay nice and tight. They stay in place and are strong enough […]

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Hunting Decoys- To Help Get Your Catch

If you are’re having trouble finding the deer, ducks or other hunting game then maybe you could try using a decoy to get them near your blind or tree stand. Decoys can work well to get your prey close enough or stay long enough to get a clean shot. A hunting decoy can give you […]

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How To Butcher An Elk Like A Pro

So you’ve had a successful hunt for your Elk, field dressed it, skinned it, let the meat settle and hang for a while and now ready for the processing and portioning. It is now time to butcher the Elk and get as much meat yield from the carcass. Below is a video of Seth Perkins […]

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Hunting Boots – A Must Have

Having the necessary equipment for a hunting expedition is a must and can be a significant cause for avoiding hunting mishaps. Hunting boots are sometimes that one item that is forgotten about, but in fact can put any hunters mind at ease by knowing that their feet are well protected from the wet and any […]

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